3D/WebGL context error

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I am working with a client in a project but he is getting the message 3D/WebGL context error

I am not sure what to do as my model does not have that many polygons and I can't get rid of any of them. Maybe the mistake is coming from something else. Hope you can help me.

This is the link https://sketchfab.com/models/551e852a753e4a3fa26698f5717acea1




Do you know what browser and device he is using?

This model has 1000s or unique geometries that must be parsed an merged when the viewer loads. This can overwhelm less powerful computers. You should try to merge your geometries together before uploading.

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Hello, thanks for your reply, is there a way I could check how many geometries my model has?


According to our processing, the model has 2000 geometries/meshes, here they are split by color:

This is from C4D? I'm not sure where to find this information in C4D, but ideally you would join every object that shares a material.

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Thanks again, I just re-upload a new version which has half of polygons. Could you tell me how many geometries this one has?

Really appreciate it.

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yes this is C4D.


This scene has even more, 2135 :confused:

The number of vertices/polygons is not necessarily related to the number of objects/meshes/geometries.

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Hello James,

The model has now less objects. However, we have tested this model with low performance devices, even a 3Gb Ram and Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz computer, and it was shown without any problem. Then we tested it in a 16GB Ram computer Inter Core i7 and it showed the message of WebGL error. Therefore, the problem must be something different. Do you know what could it be?



hmm, @paul_sketch any ideas?

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