3December 2021 - Read this first!

It’s time again for 3December! It’s an opportunity for you to challenge yourself with a new 3D topic each day for 3 weeks.

Every December, we challenge you to finish the year by testing your 3D skills with daily art prompts—and this year is no exception!

The art challenge is simple: create one model per day for 21 days using the prompts that we provide. Upload each of your models to Sketchfab and tag them #3December2021 and #Challenge.

Full participation details are available on the Blog .

Receive the daily topic in your inbox

To receive a daily email with the new topic, subscribe to this forum:

  1. Go to the 3December 2020 forum category,
  2. Open the subscription options
  3. Select ‘Watching First Post’.

We invite you to share your work in the topic threads here on the Forum, or over on Discord .

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