[3December challenge] Animals!


(Antoine Bassin) #1

Hi all,
I began the 3December challenge yesterday to speed up my workflow (essentially maya + zbrush).
It's also an opportunity to share my work with you.
I'll study animals and try to keep a consistent look between them.
Please feel free to give your opinion!

(Dark Minaz) #2

the pinguin looks pretty cute :slight_smile:
cool to see more people doing the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

(Antoine Bassin) #3

(Antoine Bassin) #4

(Antoine Bassin) #5

Quite hard to design this one but I'm finally proud :slight_smile:

(Antoine Bassin) #6

(Dark Minaz) #7

the chameleon reminds me on tangled :stuck_out_tongue:
The models would look pretty cool with some textures i think :wink:

(Lapin) #8

I only looked at the topology of the mesh and immediately remembered the guy from 3dcenter.))))
Hi Antoine!

(Antoine Bassin) #9

Of course, I initially chose colorful animals to do some experiments but it's too time consuming for me. :slight_smile:

Hi, I'm sorry but I didn't understand the reference.
Since the 3rd day, I only retopologize with zRemesher and some tweaks :sweat_smile:

(Antoine Bassin) #10

No time to work yesterday but I steel keep on the challenge :relieved:
Say hello to my pelican eel!

(Chaitanyak) #11

some crazy animals you have here :slight_smile:

(Antoine Bassin) #12

Starting today, I'll go on the challenge with Medium from Oculus!
It's incredibly intuitive. :relieved:

(Antoine Bassin) #13

(Antoine Bassin) #14

(Antoine Bassin) #15

(Antoine Bassin) #16

(Antoine Bassin) #17

Few time today, just a simple snail

(Antoine Bassin) #18

(Antoine Bassin) #19

Impossible to work yesterday.
Anyway, I decided to start a new serie with a more primitive design :relieved:
Still done with Oculus Medium.

(Antoine Bassin) #20