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About Us

3DPragmatica specialise in capturing real world physical objects and developing them into three-dimensional Virtual models.

Once completed, our finished models are ready to seamlessly share and display on our client’s Web and Social Media sites or be integrated into a fully immersive and interactive Virtual Reality application.

3DPragmatica provide services for a wide range of clients, including Architects, Archaeologists, Game Designers and Engineers as well as specialising in projects for Digital Heritage, Archiving and Immersive Virtual Experiences.

If you would like to discuss your project with us, large or small, please contact us by email addressed to Alex or Aonghus at info@3DPragmatica.com.

Our website: http://www.3dpragmatica.com
Contact us on: info@3dpragmatica.com

Services we offer:

  • Photogrammetry of large and small objects or buildings.
  • Virtual Reality - Creation of bespoke virtual reality experiences.
  • Virtual Tours - 360 photo tours that have depth information. Allow customers to 'be' in your space.
  • Aerial filming and videography
  • Photography - from product to architectural photography
  • Web design & Development

Service descriptions

Specialisation: Photogrammetry 3D scanning services.
Equipment/software: inspire 1 v2 RAW, Nikon DSLR, Reality Capture, Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter.
Location: London, UK & Limassol, Cyprus
Ability to travel: Europe / International
Resolution: Low poly, Medium, super High resolution.
Guaranteed accuracy: Depending on the project, up to mm accuracy.
Max / min scannable sizes: From small objects (1 cm) up to buildings and structures.
Textures: Yes, HD color texture (HDR if required).
Deliverable file formats: .obj .stl .fbx, others just ask.
Additional services: We can edit 3D scan files with software like Blender in order to use for different purposes, just ask and we will give you advice. We work with 3D printing also in our company and we can print or prepare .stl for printing.
Costs: On request.