3ds max and substance painter 2.5 issues

(Spicchio) #1

Hei bros , hi all.
To begin with i'm very sorry about my english , i'll try my best to explain issues i'm having with 3ds Max and SP2.

First of all this is what Substance Painter shows me when i start the program.

As you can see Substance Painter says to me that my graphic card is not supported by the application but i don't think this is why i can't work good with it , i can say that becouse when i follow online courses the application works fine with not mine meshes.

This is how i work on a mesh on 3ds max and i export on substance painter.
This screen is about barrel's UV maps , and i think there aren't problem with this step.

This screen is just to show you i work with a low poly mesh (with UV maps ) and with an high poly one (just with a turbo smooth)

Then i allign all 2 meshes using this settings.

After that , as you can see , i export low poly version of the mesh as FBX and the high poly version as OBJ , using this settings.

Then i create a new project in substance p. , loading the low poly mesh in the mesh space. After pressed ok this is the result :

I think this is right , no problems at all , then i can continue loading the high poly version of the mesh clicking on Bake Texture in TextureSet Settings. I use this setting to do that.

When the bar is around 42% of the process (or just when the program is trying to load AO map) , the Baking process fails as you can see in the log space of the application, then substance painter decides to crash or to finish the bake anyway. In the second case this is the ugy result:

The questions are : why the bake process fails ? is that a problem of the mesh or i miss some checks ?
I know and i'm very sorry my english is bad , but i hope u can try to understand what i'm trying to say and help me if u can. Thank you.

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @spicchio,

I 'm not very familiar about SP workflows, but I guess that baking AO on two "overlapping" objects could generate some issues.
Do you need both of the models to bake textures ?
Could you try to bake AO with only one model in your SP scene ?

(Spicchio) #3

Thanks for your help mate.
I don't know if that could be the solution , everytime i see tutorial on youtube they load the high poly mesh in the same time they bake all kind of texture , anyway , do you know how to do what you are saying ? Do you mean i have to bake taxture before load the high poly version of the mesh ?

(Waleguene) #4

If it's possible to load only the high poly model at the first time, bake the AO texture, and then reload both models (high poly and low poly) to bake the other textures, it could worth a try. If not, I'm afraid I don't have the skills to help you to solve this :confused:

Maybe someone with good SP skills could help