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3DS MAX bend modifier


(Phraxis38) #1

The 3DS max bend modifier does not work in Sketchfab?
I tried to upload few models : Simple panels that bend...and and unfortunately it remains ... flat. :frowning:
Is that normal?
Thanks for your responses.

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi phraxis38,
unfortunately yes. Sadly it makes sense that it doesn't work :confused:
The problem here is not directly Sketchfab, modifiers are a 3ds max way of doing deformations. So you can not export these directly, they're not saved inside the fbx and the deformation won't reach Sketchfab.
There's still a way to workaround this issue though.
Do you know about morph targets?
You could save individual "frames" or key states of your animation and set those as morph target to blend between those states.
Depending on the accuracy you're doing it you might get pretty good results :smile:

It's just a bit annoying to do and I don't really know about an automated way.
But you should try it, morph targets are supported just fine.

Good luck!

(Phraxis38) #3

Thank you essimon..
I don't know where I go, but i'm going to roll up my sleeves ... :grin:

(Phraxis38) #4

It seems work :wink: ...
But, I have another problem with the fbx upload.. Look at the edge of the animated piece... What is the problem?

MDF Cintrable _ test by uWood® on Sketchfab

(Simon Kratz) #5

Hey nice job! :smiley:
Btw you don't need to export the individual targets with the file.They are kind of "baked" into your animated mesh upon exporting.
Concerning the edges:
Your normals seem to be a bit of twisted.
You can try flipping the normals twice to get them recalculated inside max. That should even work if you do it on top of your modifier stack.So maybe just try placing two Normal Modifiers (with default settings) on top of your Morpher, that might work out :smile:

(Phraxis38) #6

Unfortunately it doesn't work with two normal modifiers on top...

(Simon Kratz) #7

Ah damn, I was so sure >.<
Did you check "Export tangents and binormals" in the export window?

(Phraxis38) #8

mmmm, I tried... and here is the result :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #9

Haha wow ok Oo
If you want you can send me your max file and I'm gonna take a look at it. Maybe it will be solved by staring at it long enough :smiley:

(Phraxis38) #10

Just a thing :
I tried to use basically the "edit normal modifier"

All normals are correct (i think)
But when I select all and check UNIFY, the result is the same that as in Sketchfab...

Here is my (1.3 MB)

Thank you very much...If you solve that you become our hero (me and my students) :wink:


cc @waleguene @marc

We always smooth (unify) normals for geometries with morph targets, so I think that's the issue here. I'm not sure if there's a workaround...

(Phraxis38) #12

Ok James...
And how can I make simple panels that bend and keep my square faces with 3ds Max?


Sorry, I'm no animator :cry:

In the future we might revisit this and see if we can keep some input normals for morph targets, but we don't know yet.

@essimoon any ideas?

(Phraxis38) #14

when I see big dinosaur animation, and I 'm not even able to do a simple curved panel... :cry:
Tanks James :wink:

(Simon Kratz) #15

@james @phraxis38
oh I see, then there's still one way of fixing it:
If you inset your polygons with hard edges with a minimum value you will get "fake hard edges". Smoothing is applied but due to the high density in the corners the visible smoothing doesn't spread over the whole object.

I made a quick visualization in Blender:

And here's what it looks like in shaded view:

You can still see very soft smoothing but the overall look is "hard" :wink:

On the bad side:
Changing the topology will mess up your morph targets so you might have to re-do it :confused:

[3DS MAX] Smoothing groups loses
(Phraxis38) #16

Ok I see... :smile:

And as my grandfather said : "Faire et défaire c'est toujours travaillé" ... a philosoph... :smile:

Thank you :smile:


Again, we might change the behavior of our processing, but @marc or @waleguene would know more.

(Simon Kratz) #18

In the meantime maybe the upper suggestion with the chamfered edges might be a solution for those who have this problem.
@phraxis38 If you decide to give it a try please let us know if it worked for you :smile:

(Phraxis38) #19

Another try with a tiny chanfer... it seems conclusive...
Just for info... to make this animation in morph target: 70 key frame... 10° rotation per key....veeeeeeery boring :smiley:
Thanks everyone !

Souplex Test Map by uWood® on Sketchfab

(Simon Kratz) #20

Haha yeah, it's really a pain to do ^^;
Glad it worked for you though!