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3ds max exporter animation trouble


(Tori Chibi) #1

Im attempting to use the Sketchfab for 3ds max exporter to get my animation and alphas on my model published in one go. (since I couldn’t get the alphas to display right by uploading an FBX export of the animation) Right now i’ve got the model displaying correctly through the exporter by just selecting the model with the animation checkbox checked:

But even with the box checked there’s no animation, here’s how far I got with an FBX file and trying to figure out the Alphas:

Since there’s no animation by just selecting the model i’ve tried selecting various parts of the model and the rig attempting to import the animation though nothing has worked so far and I cant actually find any tutorials on the site or anywhere else showing how to export animation form 3ds max using this exporter tool.

Thanks in advance! Tried to figure it out myself but im just getting mostly this runtime error:
“There’s a bad request.
– Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.


For the animation doesn’t work in FBX Review either, so it seems to be an export issue, not related to Sketchfab.

For I switched to Luminance and it seems correct now: