3ds Max Exporter - Runtime Error

(Tu Xcreativeco) #1

Hi, first time user here. Tried to create a basic teapot model to test sketchfab. On the process of export I guet the following error: can’t upload please check API key – Runtime error

I did the authorize,the passwords are matching everywhere and I can see the 3ds max exporter linked from my account (connected accounts tab) as well as the API token… At this point I’m clueless about what’s going wrong

(Tu Xcreativeco) #2

Got it working - The error was coming from the privacy setting being ticked on a free acount… Might wanna let user now about that.



Hmm, was it ticked by default? We should definitely try to get a warning in there.

(Javiergs Cg) #5

Hi, could you point out where this setting is please? or give us a screenshot i can´t find it anywhere :fearful: because i´m having the same error in 3dsmax

(Javiergs Cg) #6

Nvm i got it. is not “privacy” is more like “private” setting, so you can´t add private models to a free account. (Private shouldn´t be ticked) private