3ds max importing animation problems


(Mellora) #1

I have tried many times to get import this model to sketchfab with the animations that I created for it. I have followed as well as i can the advice regarding animation on your help pages (including both baking the animation and not baking as it seems to recommend both, as well as exporting as an fbx file to convert all dummies etc to bones when reimporting back into max then exporting back again), I have tried multiple variations of the advice given, but I must be missing something as all i can manage to get is the body of the model to animate, not the cupola, hatch or fins (one of the fins disappears) (I’m sure it is something to do with .fbx not being able to convert all of my dummies into bones so it can record the animation but I have tried all the options you give regarding this and still get nowhere


I get mixed results when I import the FBX into other software such as FBX Review and Blender. Does it work as expected if you re-import the FBX back into 3ds Max?

Do you have more than one skeleton? AFAIK, we don’t handle multiple bone hierarchies very well.

(Mellora) #3

Yeah, it is a simple rig but it made up of a few simple sets of bones, and linked with dummies & such. I will try again with a rig made of simple linked bones


I’m afraid I don’t have enough experience with 3ds Max to help troubleshoot. Maybe @waleguene has some idea?

(Waleguene) #5

Hi @Mellora,

I took a look at the model and it seems that skinning is broken by the helpers hovertank left fin helper and hovertank right fin helper.
They are not considered as bones so the whole skeleton is split into 3 skeletons when being processed on Sketchfab.
It means that only one of the 3 skeletons will actually affect the skinned mesh.

A possible workaround would be to remove these helpers from the scene or include them in the Skin modifier along with others.

Could you give a try and keep us in touch ?