3Ds Max: Multiple animations


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Hello, everyone

In first place, sorry for Bad English.

I upload SMITE 3D Models, and now I'm able to upload animations, so I uploaded a "Ratatoskr" Animated Skin, that you can see here

Basically I export the SMITE models using a Third party tool, that exports the models in .PSK (model) and .PSA (animations), and open this files in 3DsMax using the "ActorX Importer" script, then import the .PSK and (now, because I can), import the .PSA... that is everything that i know about 3DsMax, I don't know much more about it.

In the Script window, I can select only 1 animation, and load it, or load ALL the animations. The problem is, that in most cases, the .PSA files have 30 animations (for example) and I only want 2, or 3.

My questions basically are:

  1. Can I create a .FBX file, that have different animations, in
    3DsMax? (but not like "put together" all animations, I want that the
    person who is looking the model can choose the animation that he

  2. Can I upload the .FBX to Sketchfab, and the person who is looking
    the Model can choose the Animation he wants? I'm doing this question
    because there is an option of "Select Animation", like Sketchfab
    supports multiple animations, but in all Animated Models that I've
    seen so far, only have one single animation.

Thank you very much in Advance, and I hope my english was Understandable


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  1. Yup, but I don't think you are the first one to struggle with that http://forum.sketchfab.com/t/multi-fbx-animation-takes-export-3dsmax/3304/17 :smile:
    @waleguene ?

  2. Yes of course, for example : https://sketchfab.com/models/0a54919511d54388b8690901ed3b6a31