[3DS MAX] Smoothing groups loses


(Down Limit) #1

Hello! I'm 3d max 2016 user. Today I found a very nasty bug. Sketchfab losing shoothing group iformation on meshes with morph modificators.
3d max vievport - http://joxi.ru/zANb6kIlGxoxA9.jpg
and sketchfab viev - http://joxi.ru/12Mb5pI4NXoLAJ.jpg

Smoothing info saved with exporting. But sketchfab make it like its in single smoothing group. So models looks corrupted on hard edges with normalmapping. (*yep, body hame morphs for inhaling imitation. gun and compass have the correct origin smoothing groups)

I very much hope that you are able to fix the problem. Or suggest how to solve it.

(Mrchlblng) #2

Hi @down_limit,

you are right; we currently do not support FBX smoothing groups at all. So we currently end up recomputing the normals using a 45° crease angle (see our Help Center article) which does not give the shading you expect. We'll see if we can support smoothing groups soon.

Note also that you are using morphing and we currently enforce smoothing all shape keys (as we initially had issues otherwise — note that we smooth without a crease angle here or we could have shape keys with varying number of vertices). This also is something that will change soon.

In the meantime, I unfortunately don't see any way to bypass this (I did not find a way to "bake" normals in the geometry, and even then, we would recompute the shape keys normals).

(Simon Kratz) #3

Hi guys, I actually do have a workaround in the meantime. It's a bit of a pain to setup but gives proper results.
If you add tiny bevels to your smoothing groups you get a hard shaded-ish look since the smooth interpolation happens on a real tiny edge loop.
I explained it here in detail:

Hope this kind of helps you @down_limit :smile: