3DS Max: Symmetry issues FIXED

So basically to sum it up, im working on a project with the symmetry modifier, at first i was experiencing an issue with it when creating the arms since it kept coming out angled, so i figured, i’d create the base arm and then re-do the symmetry and already im having a headache of issues. First one being that everytime i try to realign the pivot to world, it off centers it off the model for some unknown reason and if i try centering to object or aligning it to world, it keeps going off center like this. Yes i have done affect pivot only > center to object.


And when i manually center it, it does this instead.


I’ve tried resetting X-form and all of this started after i applied the arm to it since that had some wonky stuff going on with symmetry. Is anyone able to help me here? Cheers! I should add tryin

Edit: From an earlier save but Symmetry is working as intended without the arms being joined to it. Haven’t attached them to the main body model so the pivot seems to work in the center just fine.

I know the hand is on backwards on the right , i copied and rotated the arm to see if that would fix it.


Sorry this was never answered. Glad you figured it out!