[3DS MAX]Texture not appearing on Sketchfab


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Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble getting a simple texture to show up correctly. This is how it looks like in 3DS Max:

Then I export it to an .FBX file, but I get an error message that says, "The plug-in has detected a texture with U or V rotation, which some 3D applications do not support. -Map #3"

When I upload it to Sketchfab it just goes grey and there's an animation on it for some reason

I'm absolutely clueless as to what's happened. Any help would be much appreciated! c:



There was no texture uploaded with that FBX file. You need to upload the image together with the FBX, or enable "Embed media" in FBX options, or better yet, just use the Exporter plugin, which can handle textures for you with lots of options:


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Apart from the comment @james made, the message you report here is generated by the fbx exporter in 3dsMax. If you don't bake your lighting, using the 3dsMax exporter for Sketchfab will not solve this.

Here's how to solve this issue: in 3dsMax you can store mapping coordinates in 2 places: in the object and/or in the texture. Adding mapping coordinates to an object can be done with a UVW map modifier for instance.

The mapping coordinates specify the texture is 30*30 units.

My object is 80*80 units. A texture of 30*30 is shown several times on the object. This makes sense. You can see the yellow/green outline of the UVW map modifier showing the 30*30 size.

Adding mapping coordinates to a texture, such as a bitmap, can be done in the material editor.

Here you can see I've adjusted the tiling and angle of the texture coordinates

The appearance has changed dramatically because of the adjusted texture coordinates. But you can see the UVW map coordinates stored in the object haven't changed. The orange outline of the modifier is still the same and still shows a 30*30 rectangle.

This is all very nice and works great in 3dsMax. But, texture coordinates stored in the texture itself are not supported in most file formats, including fbx. This means that any adjustments you make to the texture coordinates in the material editor are actually fully ignored and will not be shown in Sketchfab. This is what the warning is telling you.

You can either bake the lighting with the sketchfab exporter in 3dsMax. This creates a new set of textures and removes all texture coordinate adjustments. Or you have to go over all of your textures, reset the coordinate adjustments (set the tiling to 1 and the angles to 0) and compensate these modifications with UVW map modifiers.

Here's the model on sketchfab. You can clearly see the adjusted texture coordinates are ignored:

Demo to illustrate mapping coordinates by Klaas Nienhuis on Sketchfab

Issues with the textures, please help!
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Hi, I had similar problem with exporter. actually it works well with static scenes but when I animate the scene and check animation tickbox in exporter, it adds a modifier called 'reset scale', 10 times to each object. and some objects get abnormally big.

In the other hand FBX works well with embed media and animation, but uvmap modifiers are not applied.