3ds Max. Textures and materials not showing up when importing from Sketchfab

I may be missing something during the import process, because the model doesn’t show any textures or materials applied. Any clue about how to do it? Is the fbx file meant to bring all the textures and materials at once when is imported? Or is there any step missing on my side?


This is the model:

Please check the UV Checker comparison too. It seems something is broken:

Sorry I’m not sure I understand. The materials look fine on my end. Can you share a screenshot of what you see?

The capture above is from Sketchfab. In my 3ds Max scene there’s not textures or materials applied, and the UVs are all meshed up. I just wanted to know if I have to do it by myself or the FBX is supposed to do it directly when the model is imported.

When importing the FBX there’s no chance of bringing the embed media into the scene. Could be that the problem?

Same Problem. This has been solved??