3Dscanning and photogrammetry related research papers and books

If you want understand how all this photogrammetry/3Dscan tools work and why all of this requirements for good scans is exists, I think you should read about underpaying technology and algorithms.

This knowledge give you some idea what you should do, what you can and sometime which well known advices is wrong.

If you mathematic you can find detailed explanation and formulas, but if you artists or technical artist on most readings you can see and compare some examples. And still have chance to understand what and how this work.

So, let’s collect in this thread good or must-read articles or books.

For research papers and articles you can use Google for find PDFs, “paid account on parasite resources like IEEE” or great scihub.org.
If you’ll download from scihub, don’t forget drink some wine (or juice) in memory of Aaron Shwartz.

First is two books:

Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision 2nd Edition
by Richard Hartley and Andrew Zisserman

Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications (Texts in Computer Science)
by Richard Szeliski

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Some interesting research papers from OpenMVS wiki

i hope Agisoft will wake up from dreams and implement this paper in their software.
Mesh Refinement

Rough meshes obtained by the previous module are in general a good enough starting point for a variational refinement step. Such algorithms are relatively fast and able to recover the true surface even in cases when only a coarse input mesh is provided (as in the case of meshes estimated from a sparse point-cloud, or texture-less scenes). The algorithm employed for solving this task is based on the paper:
High Accuracy and Visibility-Consistent Dense Multiview Stereo HH. Vu et al. 2012.

Dense Point-Cloud Reconstruction (OpenMVS pipeline)
Patch-Match algorithm: PatchMatch: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing
C. Barnes et al. 2009.

Mesh Reconstruction
Exploiting Visibility Information in Surface Reconstruction to Preserve Weakly Supported Surfaces
M. Jancosek et al. 2014.

Mesh Texturing
Let There Be Color! - Large-Scale Texturing of 3D Reconstructions M. Waechter et al. 2014.


Thanks for all these good looking reading. Actually you right! It will be better for us (people using photogrammetry) if we knew more about. I can see really incredible 3D scan on sketchFab, and if you dig enough, you will find out that the owner is an engineer or made study in mathematic/computer science.

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