3dsMax animating UVW Xform not working?


(Andreamele) #1

Very close to publishing my 1st Sketchfab model and I'm super excited.

I was wondering how can I translate my UVW Xform animation to bake out in my FBX?

Any advice appreciated!

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi and congrats on your first model on Sketchfab! :smile:
I'm afraid animated uvs are not supported in fbx file format (and neither in obj).
I don't know your specific case but maybe you can display what you want using something else than animated uvs, e.g. animated geometry or morph targeted geometry.

Normally in realtime applications animated uvs are done by code or by a shader that offsets uvs over time (due to the inability of many file formats to store those animations).

(Andreamele) #3

Ah good to know!

I wonder if any clever animators know a way i would be able to bake in the uv changes to some sort of physical change so that i can be picked up by the render?

the piece isnt complete without the moving uv maps. I wonder. wonders :confused: