3DSMAX Exporter


(Zurechtweiser) #1

I would like to use the baking function of the exporter by itself, ie without uploading it to sketchfab but exporting it to fbx or obj, only. Can someone share a way to do that?


I'm a bit sad that you don't want to share your models cry

But...I have two ideas.

1) Upload to Sketchfab, then turn on Download and download it for yourself, and delete the Sketchfab version.

2) I suspect the export is stored as a temp file somewhere, but I'm not sure if it's immediately deleted. @klaasnienhuis would know best.

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

The temporary files are deleted immediately after they've been processed. Option 1 from @james would be the way to go.
Alternatively you can just do the texturebaking yourself, it's no rocketscience. But it's a bit of a chore.

(Waleguene) #4

Hi @zurechtweiser,

I'm a bit sad too cry but understand your need, I had the same some times ago.
Here you can find how to use "Render To Texture" (shortcut is 0) which is the baking tool in 3dsMax:

It is not obvious to use the first time but the documentation will help you to know how to use it.
If you have any question about it, don't hesitate to ask, maybe I can help you =)

(Zurechtweiser) #5

Good. Please elaborate what I need to do to do after rendering the files to actually have what your script creates.

(Klaasnienhuis) #6

Hi @zurechtweiser,

after texturebaking the script exports the model to obj and in the future fbx. Either one will work. You then have to locate your baked textures and zip them together with the .obj (+.mtl) files or with the .fbx file. FInally you upload this zip to your sketchfab account.

There isn't any particular post-processing in the script.