3DST - On hold for the time being

(Bart) #1

Hey all,

it seems the interest for 3DST has been dwindling for some time. I talked to a lot of people and we tried several new approaches, including allowing a different amount of time and different prizes. @chaitanyak pitched in to help with the last three and he did a great job, but despite all our combined efforts we only have a very small group of people participating.

Our original idea was for 3DST to be a 'light-weight' activity. You make a quick scan and upload it to Sketchfab - not more than 20 minutes of work. However, we've come to understand that many of you are professional 3D scanners and take great pride in your work. Posting something below your own quality criteria is just not going to happen!

Given that even such a small contest takes 1-2 hours a week, we've decided to put it on hold for now. I might still challenge you every now and then here on the forum if we come across something interesting smile

We've also discussed other 'fast challenges' - many CG communities have weekend challenges that seem quite successful. But again, given the large amount of professionals in this community I wonder if these would work. What do you think?