4 inch disparity between real ground and VR ground

(Rjh41) #1

I’m creating a room with exact real-world dimensions and I’m having a bad time with the my height and the floor when viewing in VR.
There is a 5-inch disparity between the real floor and the VR floor which can be rectified by adjusting the floor level in the VR menu options. BUT… This only works when the VR controller is teleporting on the Sketchfab grid floor. If I walk into the room I’ve created, its floor is still 5 inches above the grid floor and teleporting onto the model’s floor causes the problem to return (I’m 5 inches above the model’s floor again). I can’t adjust the model because all the dimensions are perfectly in line with the real-life room’s dimensions.
How is the height of the user (wearing the HMD) determined when viewing in VR? It seems that a short person will hover above the VR ground while a very tall person will actually ankles deep.
I tested this by placing my controller on the real ground and found that the VR controller (in the VR room) is 5 inches off the ground. If I stand on a stool and teleport and then put the VR controller on the real ground again it does indeed get closer to the VR ground. So if I stood on a real chair and teleported I would find that the VR controller (in VR room), when placed back on the floor would be way below the model’s floor.
That description (above) is rather confusing but I can’t explain it any better.