4K Followers Celebration Model - Ready Player One Delorean

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Delorean VR

A couple of years ago I started a VR project with Jason Bradbury (UK TV Gadget host and Internet reviewer). I created the base Delorean DMC as a starting point as you can see here:

I then went on to create the Back To The Future movie additions, a great project to work on as I was able to base my design on an actual real-world example (as per a thread elsewhere on this forum)…


That project is still undergoing and we are thick in the middle of Unreal Engine VR simulation right now, however After watching Ready Player One I wanted to ‘update’ the model to reflect the changes made in the movie as they looked pretty cool on the big screen, who doesn’t want K.I.T.T additions on a Delorean anyhow?

Ready Player One ‘Upgrade’

I took the base DeLorean model and some of the BTTF additions I have already added and went all out on the detail, motivated by the amazing Ready Player one visuals…

Some of the obvious changes included the ‘Parzival’ license plate, the original 2.21 Giggawatts generator present at the same time as Hover mode and the broken time mesh and wing mirror…

PBR Textures

In Photoshop I created a set of PBR materials so I could work on that grungy damaged look…

Check out this version of Parzival’s Delorean!

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