50 mb limit export limit with Pro Account

Hi there a little while ago i got the pro account from substance painter, but somehow i’m not able to upload 80mb file.
I’m thinking it is about 90 days trial membership but then again what’s the point of trial when you cannot use it.


Your account is definitely set to Pro, so you should be able to upload up to 200MB.

i’m not able to upload 80mb file.

What happens when you try?

substance painter giving me an error message that says something like ; " You are exceed the 50mb limit, you can only upload 50 mb with your account’’ or something like that.


Have you tried disconnecting your account from Substance and logging in again? Maybe it stored your account info before the upgrade?

Just wanted to say I’m having the same issue. Tried restarting Substance Painter, and then my computer, but neither worked. I’m still getting the same error with a pro account. Not sure how to purge Substance Painter’s memory.

I’m having the exact issue. How do we clear the cached account details?


I’ve just upgraded to the plus account for 100mb. But it’s still showing that i only have 50. I’ve switched account to a secondary one i have and switched back, but that doesn’t help. There’s no option i can find to log out. When i click on my account, it only gives the option to log in.

Closing substance painter and reloading it does not fix the issue. Restarting computer does not fix the issue. Is there a delay for it to sync to substance painter?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as the only reason i upgraded my account and paid for the plus subscription was to be able to upload bigger files (especially from substance painter).

Edit. I just saw saw the error message, It’s saying it doesn’t recognize the account type.