52/5000 Does anyone know a free photogrammetry program?

I have seen that 123D Catch changed to Remake and it is no longer free … The AGISOFT PHOTOSCAN is it?
I work as a teacher and we would like a photogrammetry program to get a 3d model or know of some application type ONIRIX but free (for life, not only test) to start us and the students, not only to import and spend all models what is there but to generate them, upload them, share them and ‘play’ with augmented reality.


This is an English speaking community. Can you please translate your message?


Indeed, Remake is no longer free.

We try to keep a list of scanning software up-to-date, here:

I have used Meshroom a few times and like it a lot.

Here is one of my scans. Fred the duck - 3D model by lumpapps (@lumpapps) - Sketchfab
Stuffed animals are hard to scan because of the detail. Light wasn’t perfect but you get the idea.