604 Scans - Vancouver, Canada

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About this service

604 Scans is a Vancouver-based studio specializing in emerging photogrammetry-based scanning, this blog will document our journey through perfecting this new mix of art and science/technology, join us!

Services we provide:

  • Photogrammetric object scans (Currently models + Diffuse)
  • Photometric surface Scans (Data can be used to extract 100% accurate Normal/Spec maps and more)
  • Photographic reference (Location or texture reference)


Recent Client
The Seattle Art Museum for their 'Disguise' exhibit:

Mountain Ridge Handcrafted Homes for a large log home scan:

Service description

  • Specialization: Objects/props/artifacts
  • Equipment/software: FullFrame sensors
  • Location: Vancouver Canada
  • Ability to travel: Worldwide/Dependent on budget
  • Resolution: Millions of polygons
  • Max / min scannable sizes: 2" - 30'
  • Textures: 8k+
  • Deliverable file formats: All popular/standard formats


Thai Statue by 604scans on Sketchfab

Antique French Canadian trunk by 604scans on Sketchfab

Hawaiian Tiki #3DST21 by 604scans on Sketchfab

Rattan Star by 604scans on Sketchfab