72dpi was converted to 96dpi

I noticed that the 72dpi texture I uploaded was converted to 96dpi, and the capacity increased significantly in edit mode. What’s the benefit of that?

Hey! I’m not sure I follow: are you saying we upscaled the texture?

This is the original image I uploaded

This is the photo on the website

The size is greatly improved
Sorry, because I’m in China, the Internet speed is very slow, so I’m very concerned about the size

Hi @rog2021

Thanks for reporting.

It’s unfortunately due to our current texture processing which runs a conversion on each added image, that outputs an image with fixed (same for all) quality setting.
This way we always get the “cleaned” image as it pass through the processing, but it’s also increasing the size because of the high quality set.

Then, there is a “optimize textures” task that generated optimized/stripped versions of textures and sub-resolutions, that are used in the viewer. The editor mode always use high-res unoptimized textures, and that’s what is causing the issue here.

There are some ongoing discussions about improving this and avoiding to increase input textures, it’s a real topic but we have nothing planned for this at the moment :confused: