A few inquiries

(Foxzes) #1

I’m not too familiar with Sketchfab, so if this isn’t the place for this I’m sorry.

I plan to make a thing, and that thing may require some thing.

I’m wondering what sort of price range I should expect per model of a similar quality/detail etc of something like these:

On top of that, I’m also interested in animating said things, and I’d like to know the sort of range expected for that too, obviously depending on length and what-not.

Thank you!

(Foxzes) #2

To expand, I’m looking for simplistic but well made models. I’m happy to pay, but I’m not rich either. I’m not looking for a master piece, but I’d rather not work with something terrible. I’m happy to work with whoever, as long as their work is to an okay standard and they’re relatively affordable, even if they’re inexperienced.


(Darconquik) #3

For when do you need these? Also, do you want them textured?

(Foxzes) #4

I’m in no hurry to get them, but obviously I’d like them within a reasonable time. I’m after quite a few, quite low in detail, simple but well made, cute models. Textured really would be ideal, I’m no artist and that would lead me to go having to look for someone else too, but I’m not after full detail.

Something like this would work great, a very simple cute mesh, with a nicely done texture.
I want models of just regular animals, bears, foxes, etc etc etc, on a pet-sized scale.

Please let me know if you’ve got any more inquiries!

And one more thing, do you perhaps have a portfolio or models you’ve made? If possible, as relevant to my request as you can.


(Darconquik) #5

Sure, feel free to check out some of my stuff first in my website: dar3d . com


(Foxzes) #6

Pretty nice, actually!

These are pretty similar to what I’m after,

any idea how much it’d cost me for something like these guys to be made and textured?

(Darconquik) #7

Thank you, I’m glad you like them. Well, I do have a full time job so I could probably tackle this outside those hours, weekends and such. My email is on my website, send me an email with the ideal time that you would need them, how many and all those details, so I can have a better idea.