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Ok. Gotta ask for some help here guys. I'm working on a novel that takes place in Los Angeles Ca in the 1960s. It is actually a musical narrative of sorts about the life of Jim Morrison {from the Doors}. It is called "The Wandering Musician". Eventually I will want to make it into a film using 3D animation and need help making clothing for the characters. Is it possible to upload a bitmap image {in this case a polka dot dress} ans convert it to an obj file?? .

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Hi @Raven65,

I'm afraid we can't convert a picture into a 3D model for you - you'll need to talk to a designer for that. If you want professional help, you can post a message on our Job Board.

Good luck!

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strong text smile Ok. Thanks!! smile strong text

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Hello it is possible to add a bmp on a 3d model to get the obj as you can see in the picture enclosed, where i have wrapped a Rolling Stones cover on a sculpture. Do you have the model of the character?