A little problem with firefox

(Moroplogo) #1

Sometimes I have a problem with firefox in windows 10 when I rotate a 3D model , I have this message :
It doesn’t appear your computer can support WebGL.
Click here for more information.

Status: WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps.

( for example this model : https://sketchfab.com/models/e344cf82c847461a91b3c0e034e2fa07 ).
Do you know this problem?

(Paul Sketch) #2

Exhausted GL driver caps
Most probably means your computer graphic card doesn’t have enough memory for some model.

Does it happens when model is loading textures ?

Could you try there link one by one with


if it works better, it confirms the problem

Another thing to consider is closing all other apps and tabs that use the graphic card memory.

On our side it’s very hard to fix, as we don’t have access to the memory size nor the available memory size in the graphic card… so we cannot adjust.

(Moroplogo) #3

Thank you @paul_sketch , I have only 4 Gb of RAM and when I open this model there are more 2,4 Gb of ram used and after many seconds there are 1,9 Gb of ram used. This problem happens after loading textures.