A lot of glitches

(Spore Altair) #1

Where did glitches, they started after I published Kang, now all the functions do not work, I cant customize any model or to publish a new one.


Sorry, I don't understand. Are you still having trouble? Can you post a link?

(Spore Altair) #3

I noticed another glitch, a problem with FBX. I want to download Predator, zdelal his military posture, but when I load the entire skeleton is lost, and instead of fighting it poses a classic pose (arms to the side, legs together).

However, before such was not, I could not normally publish the FBX model (for example Kang and Maestro).


Could you send me a link to the model? Or the original FBX?

(Spore Altair) #5

Вот ссылка: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2fnu1kpq49atqw/Mortal%20Kombat%20X%20-%20Predator.fbx?dl=0


Thanks, we're investigating. It throws "Error 20" when I upload it.


We found the cause and it will be fixed soon!


This issue should now be fixed.