A lot of the thumbs are fussy?

Been around here a long time but the last few days.
A lot of the thumbs are fussy ?


Guess I alt to say it’s fussy on chrome.
Sketchfab does not work with edge on my PC.

Same here! All sketchfab thumbnails are blurry until mouse is hovered on them! Im surprised no one is talking about this?

Same problem in both firefox and chrome

same happen to me, all the thumbnails are blurry.

like the title says everything is blury and low res until i have to render it , this happend all of sudden i had no problems this morning

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My search results preview is the same. I checked on Firefox and Chrome

Thanks for the bug reports,

we indeed could reproduce the bug and will look into it.


Any news on this ??? its still happening

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Apparently, there’s as an extension of the bug mentioned above, which I’m also being affected by. It looks like that my feed is not updating anymore. For example, I know that Sophie posted a new model a couple of days ago and it’s not showing on my feed.

My feed.


Thats exactly whats happening with me aswell , it all started yesterday

It looks like the thumbnails are less blurry now but still ugly. Only few thumbnails are crisp

i had the same issue appear a few days ago but it seems to be fixed now :wink:

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate

@mikeda2nd could you post a few URLs of models with bad thumbnails please?

@bartv Here are some screenshots from a “prop” search result:

:arrow_up: As you can see in the image above: two thumbnails came out good, rest are blurred or low rez Ok, the Acrylic was a good thumbnail too, realized it later


Here is a direct comparison, the thumbnails on left are before i hovered over them to “load them up” for turntable preview.
So this issue is sill not fixed. A few thumbnails come out good but the rest are low resolution untill you hover over them. But as soon as you leave the thumbnail (hover off), they go back to low rez

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Thanks, that’s useful. We’re looking in to it.

This should be fixed now - please test.

Great job! It’s fixed! No more bad thumbs! :+1: