A not so mad scientist. - Mad Science WIP

(Harukitsune) #1

Finally! I have finally finished my exams, and now I can join the contest :smiley: .
Well technically I have been working on it for quite a while, but since I was too busy I didn't get the chance to start my WIP. So let's get started :

For this contest I wanted to do something quite original, so instead of going with the classical 'mad scientist' cliché, I decide to look for a scientist who, because of work , was considered mad. My first choice was Archimedes who, as the legend says, ran naked in the streets of syracuse shouting 'Eureka!' after having a great principle of hydrolics in his bath.

However, we don't much about the life of Archimedes, well not enough to make a complete scene in Blender. So my final choice was Galileo Galilei, great astronomer, physician and mathematician, who claimed that the earth wasn't the center of the universe and that it was rotating around the sun and not the other way around. Well he wasn't the first (Copernicus, Tycho Brahe...), but his struggle against the Church and their scientists who labeled him as a mad scientist, and the repercussion of his work on modern science was what made him so popular.

Enough talk, let's get to work :sunglasses:

First I started working on the telescope, an astronomer's favorite tool :

Then some other tools, all which are related to Galileo :

an apparatus used to study falling objects and pendulums :

astronmical ring:

a thermoscope and a compas:

and a simple pendulum:

That's all for now, I am now going to model some chairs and tables, and get some my scene ready.
I hope you liked it's far.

(Harukitsune) #2

Meanwhile, here is a 3D view of the telescope :slight_smile:

Contest Telescope by harukitsune on Sketchfab

(Harukitsune) #3

Here is the update :

a renaissance-style chair:

simple table and shelf:

candle :

Now, let's upload some to see what it looks in 3D.

(Harukitsune) #4

Some document's written by galileo :

Papers Galileo Contest by harukitsune on Sketchfab

(Harukitsune) #5

Well here is my pre-final scene (quite satisfied with it) :

edit ; I have sent my final entry, check below

(Bart) #6

Welcome on board! Please keep in mind that the submission deadline is already this Wednesday, so hurry up :slight_smile: You can read more in the contest updates.

(Harukitsune) #7

Well here is final entry for the contest, took a lot time but I'm really happy with the result :

A not so mad scientist (wip) by harukitsune on Sketchfab

P.S: I don't know why in the title there is ' (wip) '