A problem after my model became paying

(Moroplogo) #1

I wanted to sell this model ( 2015 year of light - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by moroplogo (@moroplogo) - Sketchfab Store ) but after this modification, the rendering was changed.

I do not remember what materials settings I used.

Is it possible for Sketchfab to recover these old values?

Thank you !




Hmm. It looks like the textures were removed, and maybe other settings were lost. Are you able to reassign everything in 3D Settings?

(Moroplogo) #3

Yes , I can change all values in 3D Settings, so I can approximate this rendering but if you can to restore this rendering it will be perfect :ok_hand: :wink: . But it seems no possible . Maybe it is a bug…

(Tomatoheadstudio) #4

Hi @moroplogo. I had the same problem when I uploaded a model (at a desktop) and then later tried to change a parameter (opacity I think) using Chrome on my phone. All the materials where lost. Maybe you did something like that?

(Moroplogo) #5

Hi @tomatoheadstudio , the materials were lost just after I click on “Paid”.

But finally it is not a bug but it is normal and it is mentionned here :