A problem to see a reduction of object?


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In this animation https://sketchfab.com/models/e0d47a0f93fd42d18a4a34509362b1d5
there are three similar objects ( 2 large and 1 small ). At 17:00 seconds these three objects reduce their size by 10 times but we cannot see this diminution in this position .
When we change the point of view , this reduction is visible.
Do you know if it is a bug ?


Hmm, is it not an issue with the camera position? It’s too close to see that part of the animation?

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@james It seems to me, it is not too close to see that part of animation.
When I move back the camera a little we can see the reduction of these 3 objects ,
like in this duplicate animation https://sketchfab.com/models/7e5c3e6b4b6e449ba0af43fd3d081237


Ok, yeah that’s strange. You didn’t change any settings at all after duplicating?

(Moroplogo) #5

After many tests, this effect appears because I transformed the object with a homothety centered on origin of the space and I positioned the camera in this point, so it is not a problem !!
I made a little animation to see this effect here :


Glad you figured it out! I was lost :slight_smile: