A problem with reflection of object on a surface using refraction

In my last model ( Pendulum pentadecatriskell - 3D model by moroplogo (@moroplogo) [2417da1] - Sketchfab ) , there is a problem with the reflection of the pendulum on the translucid surface ( underlined in green on the screenshot ).
The reflection is done behind the pendulum and not in front .
For this surface , I use refraction.
When I choose an other opacity there is no reflection.
Thank you for your help !

it’s not reflection but refraction results, that why it shows up only with refraction opacity.
Current real time refraction algorithm is an approximation, reusing last scene image and screen space depth, without using real material thickness and geometry, making it difficult to make real precise refraction algo, so bad results are part of the results.
( Real refraction can only be done using ray-tracing technology. )

You can still use bit more option to get better results, here “use diffuse tint” and use “normal offset” should get you better results

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