A problem with updating thumbnail on sketchfab


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Hello all team
I tried to update a thumbnail for my last animation several times without success.
Curiously I succeeded by clicking on Save View and Exit instead of clicking on Save View and Save Settings but I had an Error Message !

Do you know this problem?

Thanks and happy new year !


A failed thumbnail save usually indicates a timeout from our server. Could you open the JavaScript Console or Network log, try to save view, and see if there are errors?

Does it work on the model page? Save View button will be restored to the model page ASAP, but you can use this link for now: https://sketchfab.com/models/4a27c56c34fa4d6d906349cea8319647?ui_snapshots=1

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Thank @james , I can save thumbnail with your link.
The "Error message" popped up when I click on Exit too quickly after clicking on Save button !

I have always the same problem when I click on Save button and then Save Settings button , the thumbnail becomes all black .

This is the rapport with firebug

thumbnail.txt (25.7 KB)
I 've opened the console before clicking on Save button .
If you read this file with notepad for example , the action "click on Save" is after line 74 , the action " click on Save Settings" is after line 121 and the action " click on Exit " is after line 154.

It is difficult for me to see a problem :wink:


Hmm, I'm not sure what the problem is, either...

The Save View button missing on the model page will be fixed soon, hopefully later this week.

(Miailhe) #5

Hello, i have the same problème with my model
What can I do so that my vignette is not empty?
thank you


Looks like it’s working now?