A problem with uploading of separeted rig

(Gavrilik) #1

Hi, guys!
Sorry for my English.
I have a problem with my animation in Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/6749941687384307bb351220d055fef7

How you can see, hands don't work. But when I import FBX file in Maya or Unity everything is fine. I've tried to upload the animation in Sketchfab with a proxy geometry (not skinned) and it worked fine too. May be there is the problem in my skinning?

Or, may be, it happens because my rig has the separated shoulders (I need this for a shrug etc). This bones works with an Point Constrain in Maya. It looks like this: http://oi67.tinypic.com/auz3mv.jpg

So, how can I fix it for Sketchfab?

(Shaderbytes) #2

In what way do you mean you shoulder is separated? Do you have only one armature and one object and the bones of the shoulder are not connected or do you have multiple objects and one armature with all objects armature modifier pointing to the same one armature. or do you have multiple objects and multiple armatures?

(Gavrilik) #3

Thanks for the answer.
I suppose my case is the first: one armature and one object and the bones of the shoulder are not connected. I've suggested it can be the reason, but I'm not sure

(Shaderbytes) #4

Bones do not need to be connected so that is not the problem , could you make you example available to download so someone can take a look?

(Gavrilik) #5

I've done it.

I can even give a maya scene if it's necessary

(Shaderbytes) #6

I checked it out , blender doesn't import everything properly because of different axis rules (geometry rotations ) but none the less it did import three different armatures. The main rig and one for each shoulder. So you do not have only one armature as you presume and it explains the problem as to why the shoulders don't animate in sketchfab. I am not a Maya user but @dark_minaz is a sketchfab master member and does use Maya , so perhaps he can help you out in telling you how to join your 3 armatures into one.

(Dark Minaz) #7

Send me the model and ill have a look at it :wink:
i might be able to find out why it's not working, although i don't give a guarantee on that.

(Gavrilik) #8

Sorry for my wrong answer about the armature - this is my first rig, so I am a bit noob. Thanks!

(Gavrilik) #9


There is a scene of animation (Beatrix_walk_) and reference scene of my rig (Beatrix_Rig_) here.

Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #10

sorry my internet was dead for 2 days.
Downloaded it now so ill have a look later :wink:

For the first rig it's quite the complex thing.
It should work technically, the constraints are working as they should, yet fbx also won't export them properly for me.

(Shaderbytes) #11

I might be mistaken but I think the issue is that sketchfab does not support importing multiple armatures , I was suggesting merging the armatures into one.. if such a thing is possible without breaking everything, I personally have not tested this even in blender

(Dark Minaz) #12

his rig is rather complex and as far as i know there is no way to remove the constraint part of the rig to fuse it into 1 rig without breaking the animation/binding. Or i don't know how :slight_smile:

(Gavrilik) #13

Well, next time I'll do more simple rig :slight_smile: At least I know what's the problem. Thank you both very much!

(Dark Minaz) #14

tried to find a way to keep it all while using just 1 rig, sadly most of it just broke the animation in the end. So guess the only real way is to just stick to a solid 1 rig setup and maybe just use 1 bone for the chest, 1 for upper body and 1 for the shoulders.

Need to study a bit more about rigging, maybe there is a way to save it all out without loosing anything :slight_smile: