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A quick question about the Clubhouse!

(Leandro Rodrigues) #1

I’m considering to take part in this awesome challenge! However, I have a little question:
Can I make stairs in my clubhouse? Like a second floor or maybe a mezzanine? Or do we have to limit it to just a single floor? Just to ensure if the user can move on “Y axis”.

Thanks in advance!

(Daedal Js) #2

stairs work. if you go to you can check out a few rooms they already have. most are fairly empty right now but the “rooftop bunker” has stairs on it that you can navigate up.

i’m not sure how short each step has to be though… also might be an invisible inclined floor above them from how the teleport reticle behaves across them.

(Leandro Rodrigues) #3

Oh I see, thank you! It makes sense, it really feels like that stair has an invisible plane on it