A rotate button would be nice

I need to rotate objects with precision, however, the orientation of the object changes frequently when clicking on the LMB and dragging since the mouse is a sensitive device. The object moves slightly up or down when rotating it. Keyboard buttons to turn objects around horizontally and vertically could be a nice addition (like rotate right, rotate left, rotate up and rotate down buttons).

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You can use this at the end of the URL , change the value for what you want, use a “-” in front of the value for opposite rotation

unfortunately its only horizontal
but you could also do manual mouse movements using this trick here:

though bare in mind the less sensitive you make the mouse the less rotation or panning you can do before the mouse hits the edge of the viewer, its a pity the mouse dose not wrap around when rotating/panning


Thanks. I’ll give it a try. And moving the light source in the Y Axis would also be a great addition (to light the object from below and topdown).

I tried it. It works. Not the real thing but still useful. Thanks again.

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