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A size matter (or a Unit matter)

(Hadrien59) #1

Hello there !

Nice contest, I will try this one :slight_smile: I just don’t have the idea precisely yet :stuck_out_tongue:
I just have trouble with size… I never really understood clearly the unit thing and stuff ^^’…

It says 1.6m for height. Or 1.6 unit. For example in Maya, if my units are in cm, my cube must be 160 units high ? And if I’m in meters, so it should be like 1,6 units high ? Am I getting that right ?

Thanks for your answers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Joshmarinacci) #2

That should be correct. I haven’t used Maya’s GLTF exporter, but if you set it to use cm hopefully it converts. The GLTF format specifies that units are in meters. I suggest you try it out. Or if you can set Maya to use 1m as the unit that might help.

(Hadrien59) #3

Great :smiley:
Thank you !

(Daedal Js) #4

i thought the listing said the scale was human height = 1.6 meters.
so view height = 1.6 meters above the floor.

if that’s what the listing meant then you should be fine if you build it to real world scale unless you specifically want it too look like you’re only 10cm/~4" tall or 30m/~100’ tall. in which case you build things much bigger or smaller to get the feel you want with a viewport that’s still 1.6m off the ground.