A way to photograph interior

Hello everyone. I have an experience scaninng 3d objects using agisoft photoscan. I’ve created my works by turntable method. Today, I would like to photograph entire room and I don’t know what pattern I should use to achieve it. Can anyone explain how to capture all space correctly?

I’d do it this way : stand with my back as close as possible to one wall ; shoot in front of me with wide angle lens (14mm or so), and move around the room, still with your back against the walls. In fact, just imagine your turntable is standing in the middle of the room, and move around it, staying as far as possible from it. If you want floor and ceiling too, you might need to shoot upwards and downwards also. Hope this is clear.


In addition to what @gerpho 's says, try to take some captures in differents heights (depends on the dimensions and obstacles/objects to capture)
Also, don’t pivot around the same point, always different shoot angle. Same to the ceilings/floors :wink:

Thanks a lot!

I am also very interested in the subject. I have seen two great examples here https://sketchfab.com/models/7c759a68446c4bf3b109bfa9cea974ae
and was wondering how they were made.
@gerpho how do you deal with the distortion when using the 14mm lens?
Thanks for the input.

You might want to check @nebulousflynn schematic on how to take pictures for an interior scan:

The basic idea is that you go around the room, close to the walls and take 3 pictures in the angles shown.