Ability to disable texture interpolation and anti-aliasing for pixel art/PS1 look?

Hi there!

I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option in 3D settings to disable all edge anti-aliasing and texture interpolation to have a more authentic look of 3D pixel art and early PS1 graphics. Though one can turn off temporal AA and crank up sharpness in the post processing effects, the model’s textures are still slightly blurred or smoothed.

To give a better example, here’s two GIFs to illustrate the effect I’d like to achieve:


Note the extreme sharpness of the textures on the models as well as the edges, especially in the first GIF.

For comparison, here’s an Aston Martin Lagonda I modeled with 256x256 textures and uploaded to the viewer with no post-processing effects, hoping to have the same look.

The textures especially around the wheels and door are slightly blurred as well as it having smoothed edges. I turned off temporal AA as well, but it still isn’t the same.


I don’t know how this hasn’t gotten more attention. When I render work with PS1/Pixel style, it looks great, then I take it to Sketchfab and the style’s appeal diminishes greatly. While having the ‘Nearest’ texture filtering option now is great, also having a toggle to enable or disable camera antialiasing would be perfect for certain styles.
I depend more on the sharpening instead which is not the same and sometimes makes it look worse. I’d actually upload more of my work to sketchfab if it had this feature, currently I rather not because I think it would just look bad.


Can you please send me a link to the model?

Have you tried changing the texture filtering to Nearest (mipmap) in 3D Settings?

Hello James, thanks for the reply.

Not sure if this is directed to me or the original poster, but like I mentioned, I’m aware of the Nearest options and they work nicely for textures.

It’s just the overall antialiasing that makes edges soft. Usually that’s what everyone wants, but for some styles the sharpness of having no antialiasing is part of the charm. And like Plats said, temporal AA doesn’t seem to change anything.
If it helps, here’s a comparison of my sketchfab model and the same but without antialias:
https://skfb.ly/opoKN with Zakail WebGL Unity demo
(you can see it better with post processing off)