About custom shaders in Web3D and VR


I am a person who aims to enter the world of Japanese animation with VR.

You can still use VR to enter the world of anime in the current state of Sketchfab, but I want to be more immersive.
And I believe it’s the same for everyone else.

We believe that the following is necessary to enhance the immersive feeling.

  1. Real-time toon shader
  2. Outline shader
  3. Texture animation
  4. UV animation
    If you can: Implement real-time toon shader for Sketchfab in Blender

1: I want the toon to move according to the shape moved by the bone.
2: I want an outline shader that extracts only silhouettes that can be used not only for the back method but also for hair and fur.
3: I want to change the texture according to the shape moved by the bone.
4: I want a UV scroll animation so that I can create an animated effect.
If you can: If you can use shaders developed with free Blender, the demand for sketchfab will increase!

Recently, Oculus Quest 2 was announced.
Substance and Blender are also working hard to support VR.
I am confident that the demand for VR will increase in the future.

As the demand for VR grows, Sketchfab’s demand for Web3D + VR will surely grow. It won’t be long before everyone uses Sketchfab.

I want everyone to experience the world of Japanese animation in VR!

I really wanted to convey this feeling.
I’m sorry if the location is different.

Thank you!