About Refraction Workflow & Water Drops Condenstation on Sketchfab

(Vladut) #1

I am new of the community and I salut you with a Digital Liquid Cooling https://skfb.ly/6qqvo

I would like to know more about your workflow with water drops condensations and refraction (glass, water).


(Bart) #2

Hi Vladut,

Very nice work! We don't support real-time reflection or refraction at this time, so you'd have to experiment with bump maps and environments like you already do.

(Vladut) #3

Hi Bartv, I learned that, I was asking for samples and hints from experienced fellow artists. Post effects helps on camouflaging the absence of refraction.

(Bart) #4

Ok great! @shaderbytes made the following example with fake refraction and reflection. Perhaps he has some ideas

(Shaderbytes) #5

@vladut using gloss and spec and normal maps would be the way to go with realtime rendering. Some artists sometime will actually add a few drops as real geometry in addition to the mapping to sell the idea.

I would say you need to work on your condensation pattern some more , you have large areas where big water drops are not surrounded by any finer droplets. :

here I took a photo of my monster energy drink on my desk right now, you do of coarse get areas where the are not always many smaller droplets but if they are missing altogether the eye is not convinced of the effect , click the image twice to view full size ..

having a few running lines from drops that have slid down will also enhance the idea :

(Vladut) #6

@shaderbytes thank you for good reference and advices, I will rework and update my texture maps.

(Vladut) #7

@bartv I think I will bring some love for these renders http://vladut.me/jewellery-that-brings-love to see how they behave on sketchfab.

(Shaderbytes) #8

Sure no problem , I did a quick map myself as an example, to be honest it would require quite some time to make a quality map like this. I didnt match the running line to drops or anything , but just by having then it is much more convincing. Also I have many small droplets which gives the right effect.

For setting on materials I reused the same map for gloss and spec , just tweaked the influence a bit and also I put a smigin of emission using the same map again .. but very low 0.4 I think

here is the model :

These are the maps :

(Vladut) #9

Tnank you @shaderbytes , you are right I need to rework my maps and give more attention to details. And yes I need some very fine droplets too.

(Vladut) #10

Hey guys, thank you for your support, here is the final result. https://skfb.ly/6qqvo

(Shaderbytes) #11

that looks way better , great Job!

(Bart) #12

That looks great @shaderbytes! It I might suggest one more improvement, the pattern on the top of the cube shouldn't have streaks like that. I'm not sure what the best look would be - I suspect larger blobs of water? Some practical research is required here :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #13

@bartv sure but this was an old cube model I uploaded just for material testing over a year ago that has all faces mapped equally , I just recycled it for a demonstration. The texture work here was just rough anyway to prove the point of needing finer detailing and also running gaps. I made a quality texture for this on my coke bottle model :slight_smile:

You raise an interesting point non the less I have not yet researched what condensation looks like on a horizontal surface. On my todo list now!