About texture compression issue ~


(Gy Zero) #1

I had been working on my artstation challenge for a while.
when I tried to uploading the model / texture from substance painter. I noticed the texture compression issue.

Here is the sketchfab link :

The Journey Challenge - Artstation by gy_zero on Sketchfab

so if you look at the chest piece you will see the bad texture compression.

This is the original texture before compressed to HD :

This is the HD version :

There is a little bit bump dots on the metal piece .

I tried to find out the reason. First I thought i did something wrong with the texture
but I am sure that its the texture compression

  1. If I upload the model with jpeg 8bit textures, the bump spots show up
  2. If I upload the model with png textures , the bump spots will not show up BEFORE textures convert to HD or LD

Normal map texture format comparison : (crop from 2k texture)



You can easily tell the difference ~

No matter what formats I try to upload, I assume they will all converted to jpeg 8bits for HD version ??

I know other artists bought up this topic before, but I am still hoping that Sketchfab can solve this.

If there is a way we can choose our own starting texture version when we show people our portfolio pieces ( uncompressed , HD, LD ), should that solve the problem ?

I do understand I can add " ?imageCompression=0&preload=1&pixelBudget=02 " after the link , so i can share the uncompressed version, but I can only do that when I am sharing individual pieces with the link.

Any thought ?


Hey there,

We're aware of the compression issue on some normal maps and we're looking for a fix. It's a tricky subject, however, so we don't have a clear solution or ETA yet :confused:



We’ve implemented an option to reprocess normal maps losslessly to avoid compression artifacts. I’ve reprocessed the model(s) here for you, and you can find more information here: