About the 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry category

(Bart) #1

This forum is for discussing all types of 'reality capture', using 3D scanners, photogrammetry or otherwise. Some ideas for conversations:

  • share your tips on how to get the best results
  • post reviews of new hardware and software
  • compare the results of different applications

(Alex Nan) #2

I`ve fallen in love with Photogrammetry in 2016 using Autodesk Remake. I started a Digital Museum on my own (can't stop doing models, I even dream about them, hopefully one day my kids will enjoy/play with them 3d printed or AR - VR). I also believe that everything will be digital in the near future, so why not start now ?
I have over 400 models, small (5-50cm) medium (1-5m) large (10-100m).
I found that it's really easy to use Remake, if you take the photos correctly it's 2-3 minutes to export .obj -textures Rebake (8192x8192multiple / 512x512) Diffuse color - Displacement - Normal.
Automatic photo validation - Automatic stitching
Other export options: Images, Turntable, Video key frames
View mode: Solid - Solid wireframe - Textured - Textured wireframe - Xray
Automatic diagnostic of the model and fix: Particles - Holes - Intersections
Few options of editing: Slice&Fill - Surface tools (push/pull-sculpt/smooth) - Smooth boundary - Fill holes - Bridge Gaps - Extrude.
Retopologize: Decimate - Re triangulate - Subdivide. 3D Print option (never tested)
Nikon D5100 18-35mm; 55-200mm; 70-300mm. iPhone 6S when DSLR not available.
Pros: easy fast use //// Cons: Low editing options (no texture editing/paint/modify)

(Sageseyala) #3

Could you please share the pictures of that Blueprint scanningphotographs??