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Hi guys, I’m new here. I’d like to know where I can download animation softwares. Which ones would you recommend ? I use Poser.

Game Ready Prop I finished and uploaded to Sketchfab recently

Hope you will like it.
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Mobile Assault Suit Mecha

Been playing a lot of Mecha games recently, and decided to make my own with heavy influences like Front Mission, Armored Core and Valken Suit

Here my 3d model character based from danhip illustration on instagram. Spreading the love for spider man :spider: hope you like this one! :heart::heart::heart: #bringbackspidey

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Here is a robot ship asset that I made for a sci-fi VR Game. I hope y’all enjoy the model. Feel free to check it out. I am still learning, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you. :grin: #NeonExile

Help this young passionate artist how he can improve his artwork !

Hi Bart,
just to let you know that some of our sketchfab models were featured on the NASA site. The links are

Cheers, Sal


Hello! :slight_smile: I have updated my Orchid Drone with a rig and a test Idle animation. Question… do my followers get a notification if an existing model is just updated,also,does it appear in the “new” Sketchfab feed? I also plan on a full set of animations,but I would not want to spam my gallery with same-looking models just to enhance my audience reach. On the other hand, it would be quite wasteful if such a huge update is just lost “under the radar” and noone knows i did anything. And the difference on the impression is huge. So i am wondering,what is the situation on this right now? Thanx guys! :smiley:

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Hi. Just posting two 3D fan arts this week of corona unbusy days ;
The first one shows the power of Postprocessing while the second one has none ;p Two very different styles.

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Hi. SavageKurtain here.
Showing off two of the latest models i did.
A custom version of the VZ-58. Which is gonna be a weapon featured in a DOOM mod called “Barely Breathing”

And a replica of an antique unique prototype bolt action pistol.

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New model! The Sisterdale revolver.

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Hi there,

recently made this piece for the summer 2021 admiral bahroo contest.

Thanks for this space, wish you all a great day! :slight_smile:

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Did this guy as a test
not perfect but looks ok. Decided to post here

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Latest work and my submission for the ongoing Sketchfab 3D challenge "Collision - Nature & Civilization"

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One of my completed 1968 Ford Mustang models. It took me about 2 weeks to make this model, doing it 2-3 hours a day. When creating this model, I used Blender 3D and Substance 3D Painter.