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Hi guys, I’m new here. I’d like to know where I can download animation softwares. Which ones would you recommend ? I use Poser.

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Game Ready Prop I finished and uploaded to Sketchfab recently

Hope you will like it.
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Mobile Assault Suit Mecha

Been playing a lot of Mecha games recently, and decided to make my own with heavy influences like Front Mission, Armored Core and Valken Suit

Here my 3d model character based from danhip illustration on instagram. Spreading the love for spider man :spider: hope you like this one! :heart::heart::heart: #bringbackspidey

Here is a robot ship asset that I made for a sci-fi VR Game. I hope y’all enjoy the model. Feel free to check it out. I am still learning, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you. :grin: #NeonExile

Help this young passionate artist how he can improve his artwork !