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(Bart) #1

This forum is for documenting the Lights, Camera, Immersion! community contest entries. Prizes include two Oculus Rifts, digital movie projectors, Netflix gift cards and more. Read the full announcement here.


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Independence Day City Destroyer Scene
Monsters Inc. - Door chase scene
Harry Potter 3 with dementor scene! D:
The Martian - Potato Farm
Unforgiven - Final saloon scene
The Lost World Jurassic Park Waterfall
Moulin Rouge - It's her.... the sparkling Diamond
I, Robot - car attack scene
Saw - Bathroom Scene
Oblivion (Library Scene)
Lord of The Rings - It's some form of Elvish
My Neighbor Totoro - Bus stop scene
Akira - Bike chase scene (static)
Honey, I shrunk the kids - Scorpion VS Antie
Lion King, Pride Rock scene ( Intro scene )
Kylo Ren Watches the Starkiller Base Fires
The Bridge of Khazad'dum - Lord of The Rings (Static scene) #WIP #moviecontest-wip
Home - Boov's VR-Network scene
Clerks - Quick Stop interior
Alice in Wonderland- Down the Rabbit Hole
Beetlejuice - The Town Model
Star Wars Episode 1 "Phantom Menace" - Space Battle Ended
The Iron Giant by Warner Bros
The Fifth Element - a very high ledge
Kill Bill Vol.1: Chapter 5: Showdown at House of Blue Leaves
Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza
Mortal Kombat Forrest Scene
TRON Legacy - Flynn's Digital Zen Den
Pale man - Pan's Labyrinth
The Matrix 1: ending scene
Saving Private Ryan - Ramelle Bridge
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - The Black Lodge (Red Room)
Troll 2 - "Oh My God!"
Hachiko - first evening waiting in vain
Forbidden Planet - The Monster From The Id
The Secret of NIMH - The Great Owl
The Dystopian Apartment in Equals?
Batman Begins - The Narrows
The Shining - bathroom door scene
MAD MAX #moviecontest-wip
Pokemon the first movie
Edward Scissorhands - Ice Dance
Bleeding Elevator from The Shinning
Nightmare Before Christmas
Spider Man 2 - Train Fight Scene (Spider x Octopus)
DBZ-Battle of the Gods:- "My Bulma!" Scene
Beauty and the Beast - Ballroom
Inception the movie #wip
Halloween 6 - Aproach to Myers House - 45 Lampkin Lane
Ducktales - treasure of the lost lamp
The Exorcist - Levitation Scene
Tron 1982 | Light Cycle battle
Godfather #moviecontest-wip
Evil Dead 2 - Laughing Scene
Interstellar - The Ice Planet (Finished)
Kingsman | Kentucky Church scene (static)
Aliens: Ripley vs Alien Queen
Tron: Legacy - Sam Flynn enters the grid
Avatar: Pandora forest scene
Interstellar Tesseract Scene
Sucker Punch-Static
SW: cloud city (WIP)
Molly and Sam's Love nest anybody?
Kung Fu Panda - Peach Tree
Star wars the force awaken - kylo ren vs Rey
Sunshine - The solar observation room #moviecontest-final
Ghost in the Shell : Night Scene on the Boat
The Hunt for Red October
Star Wars: Return of The Jedi - Great Pit of Carkoon
Transformers - Battle in the end
Ghost in the Shell - Intro sequence #moviecontest-static-final
Facehugger Autopsy scene
Ponyo on the cliff - "I'm back Sosuke!"
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 | dead in boats scene
Harry Potter - Hogwarts great hall
Pulp fiction WIP + Characters (final)
Tron Legacy - Portal Scene
War of the Worlds - Tripod Attack
Life Of Pi "Whale Scene"
Treasure Planet: Map Scene
The Fountain - Spaceship (WIP)
Casablanca - Rick's Cafe - #WIP
Conan the Barbarian - scene REVENGE
"Titanic" from #moviecontest-wip to Final version
Interstellar - Tesseract
Kim Possible : So the Drama, ending scene [FINAL]
Final Fantasy Advent Children - Bahamut Battle #moviecontest-wip
Howl moving castle / deal scene
Inside Out... Abstract Thought
What? there is no Cerebro on sketchfab?
Independence Day: White House Destruction
Luxo Jr. Classic Pixar animation scene
Pixar short - La Luna - static (WIP)
The Shining (Surprise version)
Han Solo - Frozen in Carbonite
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Devils tower mother ship
Spirited Away Train Scene
Toy Story 3 : No Toy Left Behind
My first wip for the movie scene vr contest
Fast and Furious 1 Final Scene Charger vs Supra
E.T. Cornfield Scene
Lady and the Tramp- Bella Notte (The spaghetti scene)
Neverending Story - Ivory Tower (Ending)
Starship Troopers - Klendathu Drop Scene
Aliens-They Cut The Power scene
2001: A Space Odyssey - Human Zoo
Raiders of the Lost Ark - Golden Idol
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Goldfinger's Laser Room
Neverending Story - Artax death scene
2001 Monolith #WIP
I dare you, I double dare you! - Pulp Fiction
Ghostbusters - It slimed me! (final)
Shaun of The Dead - You've got Red on you
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Ring (Dream Sequence)
Ghostbusters Temple of Gozer Scene


Hope everyone is immersed in their scenes!

As people finish blocking their scenes and start putting it through the VR editor, we thought it would be a good time to share some resources with you.

  • First off, you might have noticed that in the VR editor, the background is a grey color, despite having put a background in. Have no fear! For the time being, we have have default-grey as the background since environments or some very strong color looked really terrible/weird in VR. But we understand that can be alarming to see; because of the contest, we are working on the option to use vr background (color/hdr) to come out soon. Read more of the details here.

  • Is this your first time with VR or you just need a brush up? These tutorials should set you on the right path to successfully creating an effective immersive space:

  • If you need some inspiration for different perspectives or refresh your memory on your scene, here is a montage of the merge of visual art and film.

  • Last but not least, here are some concept art collections for popular movie scenes:

Last but not least, remember to tag your scenes! This will be easier for others to find your hard work, for the judges to see it, and most importantly, organize yourself! As we stated in the rules:

“Publish your final entry to your account, and tag it with #moviecontest-static-final or #moviecontest-animated-final. For good measure, you should add a movie specific tag too, like #interstellar, but this is optional.”

(Bart) #7


Wow! We now have 119 contestants and we're already seeing the first entries in the 'final' galleries:

And with less than one week left, we thought we'd refresh your memory and make sure you're ready to submit YOUR final work too.


Entries close Wednesday, October 12 October 13 at 23:59 New York Time. This page will help you out what that means for your local time.


As mentioned before, we now have support for backgrounds and environment maps in VR (read more here). It still requires a special parameter for activation, but we should have this available as a full feature before the deadline of the contest (We'll post an update here once it lands).

Tagging your work

I can't stress this enough: be sure to properly tag your final entry!. Failing to do so will mean it won't be judged (even if you documented it on the forum). The correct tags are:

  • #moviecontest-static-final
  • moviecontest-animated-final

How will we judge?

As always, all entries will be judged both by the Sketchfab team and by our panel of industry judges:

  • Wesley Allsbrook, artist at Oculus Story Studio.
  • Eugene Chung, Founder & CEO at Penrose Studios.
  • Will Mason, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief at UploadVR.
  • Ghislain Girardot – winner of our World of Warcraft: Legion Fan Art contest.

And of course, the models will be checked out in VR before the winners are selected! The experience is a key factor in selecting the winners this time.

Good luck!!

That's it from us - good luck with the last work on your scene and make sure you win that Oculus Rift! :slight_smile:

(Aorv) #8

The deadline "October 12" It´s to present our finished project or for join to the contest?

(Digitalninja) #9

hi, i have one of those plastic vr headsets and it seems to work ok, but i get alot of drifting, is there any way to fix that? im using a Note3 to view my scene in.

thanks in advance.

(Creativeblendproductions) #10

Also is 23:59 11:59 Central Time? The site you linked to tells me that New York is one hour ahead of me. But I don't understand the 23:59 time you mentioned in the post..

(Bart) #11

Hmm, do you mean lag? Your model is probably too heavy to be displayed with a mobile device at 600k polygons. It should work fine on high-end VR though.

No, it's 23:59 Eastern Standard Time, so yes, one hour ahead of you.

(Digitalninja) #12

Hi bartv

no it runs ok, if i keep my head still looking at lets say the Winchester the scene begins rotating/drifting slowly on its own. Could just be a device issue as others have had the same issue.

(Digitalninja) #13

Quick question, am i allowed to submit two versions of the scene? one for the google cardboard (less polys) and one for the high end VR headsets?

(Bart) #14

I just tested this on my iPhone 6 and I experience no drifting, so it's probably a device issue yes. I did notice that the initial VR viewpoint is not very good - inside the character's head :slight_smile:

No problem, but please make it clear it's the same entry (for example, provide link to the other version in the description).

(Digitalninja) #15

Yes it was just a quick test placing that there, ive got a better viewpoint in mind as i have a few secret areas to explore, OOhh i would love to explore using occulus or the vive bet some of the scenes already submitted look amazing!

Out of interest, to make it run smooth is there a poly count limit that we should adhere to, im just making the final adjustments to my scene now and reducing polys where i can and combining texture maps.

(Digitalninja) #16

By the way have i been tagging my project correctly?



The deadline is Thursday, October 13, 23:59 EST (New York time), NOT October 12 as stated above.

Here is the original blog post with this date and all the information for finishing up the contest.

Remember to tag your entries as #moviecontest-static-final or #moviecontest-animated-final, depending on whether or not you are doing a still or animated scene.

(Bart) #18

And another quick update: we've just released a new feature that adds support for backgrounds in VR mode:

When used with very bright or detailed backgrounds this can reduce the sense of 'presence', so be sure to test this if you can!

And with less than two days left - GOOD LUCK everyone!!

(Bart) #19

Yep, looking good! I don't see a 'final' tag though - be SURE to include that or your entry won't be included in the voting..

(Aorv) #20

I have problems in my scene, in vr mode some polygons dissapear and turn on grey, idk what happen but some polygons only can see in a half of the vr mode.

(Bart) pinned #21