About the Minecraft Mystery Community Contest category

(Bart) #1

This forum is for documenting the Minecraft Mystery community contest entries. Prizes include an Oculus Rift, an XBOX One S Minecraft Bundle, A Design Lab XBOX One Controller and more. Read the full announcement here.

Star Wars: Pod Racing Scene
Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome
NergalBlackSun's Bird of Hermes [WIP]
Robot Arm - Initial Render
Find that missing man! #WIP
Princess Zabiyah - Completed
The Emperor's Stolen Jewel [FINAL] - COMPLETED
Mysterious Bathroom [Final]
Mysterious Railway [Final]
The Witches Den [Final]
Where is the diamond? [final]
Boatmurdered [Final]
Mysterious Treasure
The Stolen Heart of the Pharaoh's Oasis Tomb!
Will the pizza be delivered? [Final]
Secret of the Philosopher’s Stone [WIP]
NergalBlackSun's Bird of Hermes [WIP]
Interrogation - Video Game Themed [WIP]
Secret of the Philosopher’s Stone [WIP]
Interrogation - Video Game Themed [WIP]


The deadline of the contest has been extended to Monday November 14th, 23:59 New York time.

Hope this gives you more time to deepen the mysteries in your scene!

(Marceau Nakayama) #3

Does it mean the accounts of the contestants will get sketchfab PRO until the end of the contest?

(Andrey) #4

Hi! Can we make animated scene? I mean make "changing" scene in line with plot and then use B/N keys for navigate to needed frame.

And also - can we rip models/textures from minecraft mods? For example, this mod contains various things - tables, chairs, lamps, etc. Its may be usefull for scene decorate.

(Andrey) #5

Knock-knock? @bartv, @c0re, are you here? I have little question in up post :slight_smile:

(Nergal Black Sun) #6

you could always just build big enough to get these things ^^ just sayin :slight_smile:

(Firefighter1902) #7

Does age matter ??

(Firefighter1902) #8

Hey this is important When ever i export my obj into sketch it will not bring the textures with it!!! Why help :frowning:

(Firefighter1902) #9

Or i cant post the more working in progress

(Nergal Black Sun) #10

make sure to zip everything (obj, mtl and png) and upload that to get materials(.mtl) and textures(.png) on your model.

(Bart) #11

Hey guys! Sorry for missing your questions - I've just returned from vacation. Here goes:

Yes, you can use animations, but as it's not the goal of the contest it may not lead to additional points.

Rips: that's a definite no. We never allow rips on Sketchfab :slight_smile:

Correct. Once you open your WIP thread you'll receive one month of PRO.

No, but you should be 13 or older to sign up for an account, as specified in our Terms and Conditions.

(Firefighter1902) #12

Hope u had fun but i still cant importn my file obj with texture can u help me becuase it will not work i tryed that nergal said but it hasnt worked

(Bart) #13

Could you send the file you're uploading to support@sketchfab.com? @james can you take a look at them?


Yep, send them along :slight_smile:

(Marceau Nakayama) #15

few questions, are imported 3D models imported in MC allowed? is world machine terrain generator allowed?

(Firefighter1902) #16

Hey james i have put them on hte forum support thingy andyou should be able to find it

(Firefighter1902) #17

Hey um i think I have fixed it I just need help to know how to add tags and add mobs and such becuase its not working :frowning:


Tags you can add in Settings > Properties

Mobs as in Minecraft characters?

(Firefighter1902) #19

Yes cos i try adding them with the obj it doesn work .-.

(Firefighter1902) #20

OH and now i just found out that the uploading doesnt upload it in rendered kinda mode were it looks bootiful how do u change that ?