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Listen up! This forum for documenting your work in progresses (#SoundWIP2017) and final scenes for the Sound Contest (#SoundOfArt2017) in separate threads, started by you. Prizes include Beats, Beyerdynmaic, and Shure headphones.

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(Nebulousflynn) #2

:notes: re-installs Ableton Live :notes:


Cool set of sounds! Added one month!

(Bart) #6

@skyeshark @inmagonzalezcg @miguelangelo2k @Rybird @fullcirclecs @toy_meister @francoisespagnet @fizzlefreshh @creativeblendproduct @Blackhart @rlockett @carpaintergeril Quick reminder that the contest closes on Monday. How are you doing so far?

(Francoisespagnet) #7

I had stop my first project because is to short and I have some issues with Sketchfab to playing with lights.
So I have start new one yesterday :slight_smile:

(Miguelangelo2k) #8

I still have some Problems with positioning the Sound...and some concern about my props...I wrote you a Mail ...

(Skyeshark) #9

My original plan was to use and ambient looping track for environmentals and to have the story announcements be looped inside of close falloff 3d sounds... But the problem with that is that loop of the sounds can't be independent of the loop of the animation, so I have to switch to a more linear setup and I haven't been sure about the best way to do that because it makes my desired method of story telling seem kind of flat an non-interactive... It would just be a bunch of announcements playing in a sequence, rather then seeming to be triggered by the location of the user. @bartv

(Rlockett) #10

I have 3d voice over sounds on my model that repeat independently of an ambient track - is this what you mean? @skyeshark

(Rlockett) #11

think i'm going okay, almost finished, although at what point is the model considered final and evaluated? I have it tagged @bartv

(Bart) #12

If you tag it as final, it's final :slight_smile:

(Skyeshark) #13

No I meant running the sounds in their own independent time sequence that isn't connected to the animation loop so that people interacting with it had as much time as they wanted to explore and locate the sounds and reveal the narrative at their own pace. Basically, I wanted to make the narrative less like a movie and more like a game.

(Rlockett) #14

I see, that does sound like what i have setup, however I'm forced to loop the sound if I want it independent of the animation timeline, I've setup a small fall-off for the 3D sound areas so the users approach to that area triggers the sound to become audible - independent of the timeline - it does mean that the user could walk in half way through a piece of 3D sound, since it loops over and over. It sounds like you need the [approach[ to the the area to be the trigger the beginning of a sound.........?

(Rlockett) #15

Woops mine was already tagged as Soundofart2017! and still tweaking

(Bart) #16

Oh wait, I misunderstood - we won't judge entries until next week Tuesday. So even tagging it as final still gives you a chance to add changes.

(Rlockett) #17

perfect! thanks @bartv

(Rlockett) #18

Think i'm there with this one, just needs some indication that the voice over sound is looping, like a "blip" sound :slight_smile: https://sketchfab.com/models/0e3e19faa6474fd5974e6a7ed1b221d8
added an easter egg too

(Francoisespagnet) #19

Can we use more than one 3D sound and one ambient sound ?

(Fizzlefreshh) #20

All finished :slight_smile: thanks for the reminder


Hey everyone-- thank you for all your hard work! Because of the lack of internet at SIGGRAPH, we're going to extend the deadline back one week to AUGUST 14th! This allows anyone who recently joined to get their one month of Pro and for last minute entries.

If you'd like to tweak your final projects, that's completely acceptable. Otherwise, we would appreciate your patience in waiting just one more week. Thank you for understanding!

(David Caturegli) #22

That's great cuz my 3 months of pro just ended so if I can have one month of pro please (like it's said in the contest description) that's would be awesome !