About the World of Warcraft: Legion Fan Art Contest

(Bart) #1

This forum is for documenting the Work in Progress for the World of Warcraft: Legion contest entries. Prizes include an Oculus Rift, The Art of Blizzard Entertainment books, WoW: Legion T-shirts, Sketchbooks, Amazon Gift cards and more. Enjoy!

Contest Rules: https://blog.sketchfab.com/community-contest-world-of-warcraft-legion

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Val'shara in Turmoil
Mannoroth throne!
Where Everything Lay to Rest [Completed]
Fel Lord attack WIP
Hunters Graveyard #wowlegion-wip
(Bart) #2

Hey folks, just want to remind everyone that the deadline for the contest is Monday, August 22, 2016 at 23:59PM ET (New York Time). That's a little under two weeks away! If you haven’t been updating your WIPs, now is the time to do it!

Reminder of the big rules:

  • Winning entries will be documented and may be used for promotional purposes.

  • Contestants models must be uploaded to Sketchfab and tagged #wowlegion-final to be considered (and let’s add #wow for good measure too!)

  • No ripping of models from World of Warcraft, all entries must be original works of art inspired by World of Warcraft Legion. Doing this will immediately disqualify you.

The rest of the rules and terms and conditions are here.

Keep your eyes on the prize(s) and good luck! As always, feel free to post any questions or concerns you have here. We’re keeping an eye on this thread!

Goblin Venture Co. Zeppelin
The Imp Market's
Illidan Sketch - Tilt Brush
Burning Legion Invasion Ground Zero
Arena of the Damned
The Art(ifact) of Legion
Demon Hunters Cursed Forge
Demon Hunter Murloc [COMPLETE]
Ivory Tower of Karazhan
Azeroth - Playground of Sargeras
Corrupted Moonwell
Burning Legion Outhouse
The Little Imp Inn
The Blood Altar of Mardum, the Shattered Abyss
Whirlpool of Souls
Cute But Deadly - The Chibi Invasion!
Hearthstone: Rise of the Legion!
Altar of Storms - Burning Steppes Invasion
The Warden's Room
Kingdoms Will Burn
Rise of the murlocs (FINISHED)
Broken shore dungeon entrance
Low profile! LOW PROFILE!
Legion Wordscreamer
Vastar, the cursed on
The Beginning Of The End
Goblins's Harbor - WIP
The Den of the Emerald Sun
The Rogue's Secret Cave [COMPLETE]
Hearthstone and Explorer
Defiled waterfalls
Betrayal of the gnomes - a tinkers lab of horrors
Pandaria's Shrine
Little Gul'dan!
The Demonic BlackSmith
Hall of Defenders
Crash Site of the Skyfire
Hoperion, the corrupt one
ElfDruidHome WIP(DONE!) :D
The last defender of Suramar
The Lost Glave of the demonic Lord of Hellfire [done]
Legion's newest addtion, Fel Siege Tower
The Burning Womb
Corrupted shamans' lair
Suramar Moon Carnivale
Demonic altar of sacrifice[COMPLETE]
Floating tower from Mardum [COMPLETE]
The Fall of Blackbeak Overlook {FINISHED}
Sacrificial Altar (A rumble in the swamp) COMPLETED
🐍 Snake Isle - The Forgotten Artifact [Done]
Mission IMPossible
Fel Queen's Chambers
Fel-puppy Attack!
For many years the Dark Portal remained a mute
Dwarven Gem Facility [COMPLETE]
Corrupted Dwarf Forge
The Warlock's Ritual
The birth of a Demon Hunter
Abandoned Fireside gathering
Fishing village [COMPLETE]
Typical Gul'Dan's business
Void Prison #wowlegion complete #wow
Birth of the fel drake
The Portal Workshop
The Siege of Hanamura
The Secret Summoner/Alchemist
The Burning Moon
Legion Library Shrine
DuroTan Work in Progress
Val'sharah Demon Portal
SED-99x: The Gnomic Anti-Burning Legion Weapon [COMPLETE]
Kil'Jaeden hand
Ritual of Demonic Binding
The Legion Portal (Completed)
Illidan Stormrage - Virtual Reality sculpting
[DONE!] Nothing left to lose (Swing the axe!)
Empower and Corrupted: A Night Elf Project
Lets have a go at it
Neltharion's Heart!
Impaled Doomguard Shrine
On the other side of the Portal
Book of the Guardian [COMPLETED]
Illidan's private chambers
Scout Towers of the Legion
Darkness lingers in the Vault of the Wardens
The new born! heart under the Azeroth #wowlegion complete #wow
Tower Of Oblivion
New Battle of Jaina Proudmoore
Legion vs Azeroth
Corrupting even those hidden underground
From Darkness, Comes Light
The Light is fading
Naaru Ship Collapse
Fight fire with felfire, Orc Warlock Shenanigans
Death from above and beyond
The Fall of Suramar
INCOMIIIIING!: A bad day to be on guard
Vault of the Wardens Prison Cell
The demon is free! [COMPLETE]
Central Archive of the Nathrezim[COMPLETE]
Well of Chaos - Be prepared for the fight!
Portal to Argus
Corgi Lair Entry
Dreams not always is a dream
(Bart) #3

The fel is approaching and so is the contest deadline: Monday, August 22, 2016 at 23:59PM ET (New York Time). For international times, see this timezone converter.

With it just a few days away, don’t forget to tag your entry #wowlegion-final and #wow on Sketchfab!

A few quicktips to help you wrap up:

  • Change the camera center by double-clicking where you want the focal point to be.
  • Annotations can help guide your viewers to understand what is what and also direct them through the scene.
  • Markdown allows you to embed images in both the annotations and the description, allowing you to give more dynamic and informative explanations.
  • Sketchfab’s post-processing filters allow you to add a new dimension to your piece, right before you upload.
  • Make sure your scene is set up for VR in order to give your viewers the most immersive experience possible!

As always, you’re more than welcome to ask questions in the forums, use the Sketchfab Help Center, or reach out to @james for some help.

Good Luck!


Congratulations to all participants-- every one of you has done stunning work in such a short amount of time. It is only fair, then, that as many people see it. Here are some ways to share your art in order to maximize the amount of views it gets (and maybe get some exposure out of it!):

Reddit (World of Warcraft)

Be sure to check out the entire list of sites that are compatible with Sketchfab embeds AND how to embed Sketchfab pieces on web platforms.

To get the full potential of sharing on these other platforms, you should always use descriptive tags, like #wow #world of warcraft #legion #wow-legion #3D #VR as some examples. Descriptions can help too, as all sites gather information through text.

Thank you for participating in the World of Warcraft: Legion Fan Art Contest. It has truly been an honor being among such talented artists. Here’s to hoping that as many people appreciate your work as we have.

(Bart) #5

We have just announced the winners and honourable mentions! Enjoy, and CONGRATULATIONS if you're on the list :slight_smile: